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Building a new
Economy of Trust.

As physical and digital interactions merge, governments, companies and citizens are facing growing challenges and uncertainties. To tackle those challenges, the Square One campus will host a variety of stakeholders that will develop, adopt and value technologies and practices that guarantee the secure, ethical and sustainable flow of people, services and products.


The Global Centre
for the Economy of Trust

Lake Geneva, Prilly, Switzerland


The first campus dedicated to the Economy of Trust

Switzerland’s leadership position in innovation and excellence makes it the ideal location for a campus dedicated to developing trust-by-design technologies. The Lake Geneva region is the home of digital trust and cybersecurity, making it the top emplacement to host the Global Centre for the Advancement of the Economy of Trust. The campus offers state-of-the-art facilities in an environment where sustainability and security are a priority.

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Thought leaders

To promote trust at large, we need to build a community of active innovators to foster new ideas, partnerships and technology development.
Square One is open to a variety of small and large companies active in research and innovation, public organisations looking to digitalise their services and academic, or professional teaching institutions with a novel approach.

Get to know our community
Where trust innovators converge

Where Trust innovators converge

Our mission is to create a trustworthy ecosystem that connects companies and start-ups in the field of physical and digital technologies to enhance the Economy of Trust. Through programmes and events that encourage interactions, collaborations and cutting-edge technology findings, Square One aims to accelerate innovation, contributing to the global effort to a more transparent, sustainable and ethical economy.

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The Economy of Trust

We all need an Economy of Trust in which to live and operate in our constantly changing world – be it in a physical or digital environment, globalised or local. A society where above all there is trust between government and the people, between industry and consumers, between the private and the public.

Philippe Gillet

Chief Scientific Officer, SICPA

The Ecosystem


Discover how the Economy of Trust can support economic sustainability and contribute to a stronger and safer society.

Discover how the EoT can support economic sustainabiity